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Harsh Sharma

Harsh Sharma

Hey friends i am Harsh Sharma from India, I made this blog to give you tons of quality information so keep reading and get in touch with us.

    Top 10 Hard Drive Care and Maintenance Tips

    Hard Disk Drive is a data storage device which is used for storing and retrieving data. It is commonly used in computers. Its data storage capacity varies from some Giga byte ( GB ) to several Tera Byte ( TB ). Causes of Hard Drive Poor Performance Use of computer for too long time without any maintenance will decrease Hard Drive performance and also may lead to Hard Drive failure. […]

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    Led vs CFL vs Incandescent bulb Comparison in detail

    LED Lamp:Led lamp is a light-emitting diode, it’s has longer lifespan, its energy efficiency is far better than incandescent bulb, the cost of Led lamps is usually higher than the incandescent bulbs. Led do not emit light in all directions so multiple led’s are getting used to make a led lamp. There are two types of led products are available in the market as led bulb and led tube. Led’s […]

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    Portable Power Bank Trends, Type and How its Works

    The advanced portable power bank for your laptops and smart phones The laptop and the smart phone market gets a lot of new options for the users as many companies launch their advanced technology in the power bank and battery technology for the laptops and smart phones. The need for the portable power sources is rising day by day, as the cell phones have become a necessary element and it […]

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    Razer Blade 14 – BEST GAMING LAPTOPS IN THE MARKET | Review & Specs

    Razer Blade 14 Review & Specifications In the search for best gaming laptops Razer Blade 14 can be ranked as one the best of all laptops especially designed for a gaming experience. Among the world’s sleek playing notebook, Razer Blaze 14 is slimmer in size, and having a soft framework. This Machine is designed with core i-7 Intel Processor and a graphic feature with NVEDIA Ge Force GTX 765 M […]

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    What Will Happen When Windows XP Die?

    As all of us know that Windows XP is being used from almost past 12 years and it is the first OS which got huge success. Windows XP is the most commonly used operating system till now. It’s highly stable mostly supported OS for softwares, drives and all other computer products. Windows XP has widely supported hardware drivers and softwares. This OS is user friendly and very easy to use. […]

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    P5GD2-TMX/S Drivers Windows 7

    P5GD2-TMX/S Asus Motherboard Windows 7 Compatible

    P5GD2-TMX/S Drivers for Windows 7 These P5GD2-TMX/S Asus Motherboard drivers are not available on the internet, We got many messages from members & friends to find that drivers, so we have tested these drivers and listed it here for everyone usage. P5GD2-TMX/S motherboard is very old and unsupported by asus technical team. But don’t worry, we have made this driver solution to make that motherboard properly Windows 7 compatible. You […]

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    Xp drivers for P5GD2-TMX/S Asus Motherboard

    P5GD2-TMX/S Thumbnail Image

    Xp drivers P5GD2-TMX/S Motherboard This motherboard drivers are rarely available on the internet, so its not easy to find for anyone, so for helping you we have listed these drivers here for OS ( Microsoft Windows Xp ). These all drivers are tested personally & its working. ( No viruses found, its neat and clean ). Just download the drivers you want and install it without any worry.   P5GD2-TMX/S […]

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    Unhide hidden files or folders from virus infected pendrive and external drives

    hidden files pendrive virus

    Hey Friends, Is your Pendrive suddenly showing empty and in properties its saying it has lots of used space and when unhiding folders then all your data showing as hidden files and folders. Then definitely your all data got infected by a virus and also you are unable to change it to visible as the hidden tick box in the properties of files and folder is grayed. Below i am […]

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    Full of Fun New Year 2014 doodle by Google

    google doodle 2014

    First of all Happy New Year 2014 to everyone of you. Here i am writing this post for telling this great event to that peoples, who missed it, but no worries this post is for you. Here is my story: On December 31st 2013, I have seen this very creative and full of fun doodle animation by Google and i loved it, Google used it to tell peoples ” Happy […]

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    Put Limit on number of tags in WordPress Tag Cloud Widget

    wordpress tag clouds widget

    Putting limit on number of tags in

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