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Harsh Sharma

Harsh Sharma

Hey friends i am Harsh Sharma from India, I made this blog to give you tons of quality information so keep reading and get in touch with us.

    Silan SC92031 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter Driver download

    silan SC92031

    Silan SC92031 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter Driver   This is not an easy to find driver, so that’s why we have listed it here to help you giving this special driver.

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    Fact about china made products, Is it really a bad product or not?

    Fact about china made products :  Most of the consumers in the world thinks that china made product is a bad product as per quality, but this is not true. Here we are going to tell you that how it’s not true. First of all we have to tell you that becoming china made product is not a fault, all china made products are not bad, as you know that […]

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    Ipage.com Web Hosting Review

    ipage web host logo

    Ipage.com Web Hosting Web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. The web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. ipage.com is one of those type of Internet hosting service or  Web hosting […]

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    Dell Inspiron 14- W540328IN8 Specifications & Price

    Dell Inspiron 14-W540328IN8 (2)

    Dell Inspiron 14- W540328IN8 Processor: Intel Core i3-3217U RAM: 4GB Inbuilt HDD: 500GB OS: Windows 8 Dell Online Price : Rs.35,390 Inclusive of all taxes & delivery charges Dell Inspiron 14- W540328IN8 Specification Processor Intel Core i3-3217U   1.8 GHz    3MB Cache RAM 4GB   DDR3   1600MHz Speed Hard Drive 500GB   5400RPM Speed Optical Drive Yes Screen Size 14 inches Maximum Display Resolution(dpi) 1366 x 768 Panel Type LED Backlit Touch Display GPU Model […]

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    Samsung galaxy s4 zoom ( Review > Features or Specifications )

    samsung galaxy s4 zoom mobile

    Samsung galaxy s4 zoom : Samsung’s main difference from its rival Apple is the sheer volume of products it brings to market. The phone is the first in Samsung’s highly successful Galaxy S-series to make its global debut on US soil, and represents another bet that consumers prefer larger screens. It makes a big difference with Samsung galaxy camera. it can stop and start videos depending on whether someone is […]

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    What is Energy Saving and How to save Energy?

    how to save energy

    What is energy? The energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. It is also defines as the power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical resources, especially to provide light and heat or to work machines. What is energy saving? Energy conservation refers to reducing energy through using less of an energy service. Energy efficiency is “using less energy to provide the same […]

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    iPad Air ( Price > Review > Features )

    ipad air

    Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Walt Mossberg called the iPad Air the best tablet he has ever reviewed. It’s just 7.5 millimeters thin and weighs just one pound. The stunning Retina display sits inside thinner bezels, so all you see is your content. And an incredible amount of power lies inside the sleek enclosure. “That isn’t just because of its slimmer, lighter design, but because Apple boasts 475,000 apps […]

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    What is Tutorial?


    The tutorial is a method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process. More interactive and specific than a book or a lecture; a tutorial seeks to teach by example and supply the information to complete a certain task. It is depending on the context a tutorial can take one of many forms, ranging from a set of instructions to complete a task to […]

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    Nexus 5 has arrived by Google ( Price > Review > Features )

    nexus 5 by google

    Nexus 5 has arrived! Google finally unveils its handset and takes the wrapper off the new KitKat Android operating system. Google has officially unveiled the latest incarnation of its flagship Nexus Smartphone. The Nexus 5 has been developed to show off the capabilities of the new version of the Android operating system. The new handset will be available in black and white, and can be woken up simply by saying […]

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    What Rookies Should Know about SEO


    If it is your first time to work on a website you can observe that it is difficult for your online visitors and customers to visit your site. Whatever you site provides, it is vital that you have knowledge about SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a complex matter and it needs a thorough study about this broad technical term for a layman.  Search Engine or shortened as SEO functions uniquely […]

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