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Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips : The total amount of energy used in homes across the United Kingdom is responsible for 1/4th of the emissions in the country. Maybe a time has come for all of us to start implementing some energy saving measures so that both the planet and our money can be saved. Poor insulation is one of the reasons heat is lost from within homes in UK. With the help of good insulation that will cost you something between £100 and £300, you can reduce your energy bills by close to £200 each year. Check with your energy provider to find out different ways in which your gas or electricity consumption can be reduced.

energy saving

energy saving

Those planning to incorporate energy saving measures in their homes could even check if there are any grants that exist, which could help them out. While grants come with their own qualifying credentials, it is also a limited fund that you are allotted for the renovation. Thus you are expected to pay whatever extra costs you incur. In case you are lured by the grant to get energy saving measures, do a well rounded research so you know very well what amount of money you will be provided and what amount you will have to pay.

Now let us take a look at some easy ways in which you could save money on gas and electricity.

  • A shower for instance is a lot more energy saving than a bath tub but then again if you take long baths, you might as well soak yourself in the tub.
  • When washing dishes, fill up the washer before you switch it on.
  • Use a washing machine when you have gathered enough of clothes and have a whole bunch waiting to be cleaned.
  • Preparing tea or coffee in the kettle burns a lot of electricity so try heating the water only.
  • When preparing something in a pan, try putting on a lid whenever you can. You will be surprised, how much less time and gas you would be wasting in the process.
  • While brushing your teeth or shaving your beard, turn off the tap and save your water from running to waste as a running tap allows 6 liters of water to run each minute.
  • A lot of people tend to drop the temperature till the room is very cold and then sleep in the comforter. Try adjusting the air conditioner to a comfortable temperature so you won’t be charged for the extra degree.
  • Energy saving light bulbs will also help save a lot of electricity as 20 percent of your electricity bill is based on the number of lights in your house. Get bulbs with lower watts so that the light is bright enough but not too much electricity is wasted in the process. They cost lesser and last longer.
  • Try not to leave your gadgets and appliances on standby at night. While marketers say that standby modes barely cost you a penny, a wise one will ask you why waste even that penny?


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