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Know More about Asbestos Cancer

Know More about Asbestos Cancer : While most people associate asbestos cancer with mesothelioma, they fail to understand that a number of cancers also stem from unprotected exposure to asbestos. For example lung cancer, colorectal cancer and gastrointestinal cancer may also stem from asbestos exposure. World Health Organisation records state that nearly half of all occupational cancers stem from asbestos.

asbestos cancer

asbestos cancer

Mesothelioma Cancer

Mesothelioma is one cancer that stems from asbestos exposure only. If someone ingests or inhales large amounts of asbestos over a long period of time, it is quite likely that he would develop mesothelioma. These particles cause your DNA a lot of damage and leads to severe inflammation. Eventually tumours grow inside the lungs or the abdomen. In rare cases, your heart or testicles can also be affected.

Lung Cancer Because of Asbestos Exposure

Lung cancer is one of the most common kinds of cancer that cause deaths in the United States. The cancer that develops usually from exposure to asbestos is lung cancer. While one may not necessarily suffer from mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos, if he or she is also a chronic smoker, there are very high chances of him or her developing lung cancer. The inhaling of smoke tends to react with the asbestos in the body and makes the lung weaker. This is why the number of asbestos related lung cancer cases is very high.

Other Asbestos Related Cancers

According to a study carried out recently, 200,000 people died of some asbestos related cancer between 1979 and 2001. Apart from lung cancer and mesothelioma, asbestos has also resulted in other kinds of cancer like colorectal and gastrointestinal cancer. Other delicate parts of your body like the throat, kidney, esophagus and the gallbladder may also develop cancer from unprotected exposure to asbestos.

Risk Factors and Causes of Asbestos Related Cancer

As explained before, asbestos cancer stems from an individual’s excessive unprotected exposure to asbestos. When these poisonous particles enter the body due to ingestion or inhalation of poisonous fibers like asbestos, the fit mesothelial cells in the body are damaged. Over time, these damaged cells die and tumours begin to grow in these areas instead of healthy cells. Mesothelioma almost always stems from asbestos exposure whereas lung cancer can still be a result of radon exposure or smoking cigarettes.

If you have not been exposed to asbestos but smoke a lot, it is almost impossible that you could develop mesothelioma. However, if you have had access to asbestos and also smoke a lot, there are very high chances that you will eventually be diagnosed with mesothelioma. Irrespective of whether you have been exposed to asbestos though, you can always be diagnosed with lung cancer. One’s lifestyle and daily routine determines a lot about whether he will develop cancer or not – so try to live as healthily as possible. Incorporate a  lot of exercise in your daily routine, cut out unnecessary stress and eat a lot of healthy food to reduce your chances of developing cancer – asbestos related or otherwise.


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