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Led vs CFL vs Incandescent bulb Comparison in detail

LED Lamp:Led lamp is a light-emitting diode, it’s has longer lifespan, its energy efficiency is far better than incandescent bulb, the cost of Led lamps is usually higher than the incandescent bulbs. Led do not emit light in all directions so multiple led’s are getting used to make a led lamp. There are two types of led products are available in the market as led bulb and led tube. Led’s are made for power efficiency and color quality.

Led Bulb

Led Bulb

CFL Bulb : Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) is also known as energy saving lamp, compact fluorescent light and compact fluorescent light. It is designed to replace an incandescent bulb for more energy efficiency and lifespan. To give same amount of visible light CFL uses one-fifth to one-third of electric power then incandescent bulb and CFL last eight to fifteen times longer than incandescent bulbs. CFL has higher cost than an incandescent bulb but it saves five times more energy than incandescent bulbs, so cost will get recovered in less time and after that totally profit. CFL contains toxic mercury, so it is advised to send it for recycling to government authorized center. Don’t dispose it directly by yourself.

CFL Bulb

CFL Bulb

Incandescent Lamp : It is known as incandescent light bulb, incandescent lamp or incandescent light globe which produces light with a filament wire heated at high temperature by an electric current passing through it until it starts glowing. The hot filament is protected from oxidation with glass cover. Incandescent bulbs are widely used in household and commercial places for lightening like table lamp, car lamp, street lamp, advertising lighting and decorations. Its cheaper then LED or CFL but it uses more energy. Incandescent lamp never needs regulating circuit for working, so its manufacturing cost also less, it works directly on input current from 1.5V to 300Volts.

Incadascent Bulb

Incandescent Bulb


Comparison between LED, CFL and Incandescent bulb

Luminous Flux & application efficiency
LED Incandescent Bulb CFL Power Saving
1W 25W
3W 40W 5W LED saving POWER 90% compare with Incandescent Bulb
5W 60W 12W LED saving POWER 60% compare with CFL
7W 100W 24W LED saving POWER 60% compare with CFL
Comparing power consumption (8hours/day, electricity used in a year)
LED Incandescent Bulb CFL
Electric Consumption Electric Consumption Ratio Electric Consumption Ratio
1W*8*365=292Kwh 25W*8*365=73Kwhmore than LED 70Kwh 2397%
3W*8*365=8.76Kwh 40W*8*365=116.8Kwhmore than LED108Kwh 1233% 5W*8*365=14.6Kwhmore than LED 5.8Kwh 66%
5w*8*365=14.6Kwh 60W*8*365=175.2Kwhmore than LED 160.6Kwh 1100% 12W*8*365=35Kwhmore than LED 20.4Kwh 140%
7W*8*365=20.4Kwh 100W*8*365=292Kwhmore than LED 271.6Kwh 1328% 24W*8*365=70Kwhmore than LED 49.6Kwh 242%
Comparing Life-span
LED Incandescent Bulb
1 PCS LEDApprox 50000 hours/PCS bulb 33PCS Incandescent BulbApprox 1500 hours/PCS bulb


As per above graph you can see how much huge difference in between Incandescent, CFL and LED bulbs.


Conclusion :

LED lamps are far better and high efficient then the others. Led lamps has higher cost but it uses low energy so it will saves your electricity bills and it has longer lifespan then others. Stop using old CFL’s and incandescent bulbs because its uses too much energy and start using LED lamps for saving energy and saving electricity bills.


Thanks for reading | Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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