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The Windows Phone Camera King – Lumia 1020

nokia lumia 1020

It’s been a year since Nokia surprised the world with a super camera phone packed 41 megapixel sensor, the Nokia PureView 808.  But it seems that the phone did not take the interest of the people for one reason – PureView 808 comes with the dying Symbian OS. In fact, Nokia announced that 808 would be the last phone running in Symbian OS. Which means people buying smartphones with this […]

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Two Major Tips in Web Design

web designing

Two Major Tips in Web Design : For newbies or beginners in web design, there are simple yet crucial points to consider when designing a website. Some of these points come across to your mind when you browsed some websites but you just ignore them. But this time, you need to concentrate again so that you will not give your visitors a headache about your site. First, it is very […]

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Benefits of using Odesk

odesk benefits

About & Benefits of using Odesk  :  In the year 2002, Stratis Karamanlakis and Odysseas Tsatalos setup Odesk in Silicon Valley, California. Both of them are quality expert people. Among them, Stratis Karamanlakis is an Engineer. He lived in Greece. They are highly visualized persons. They built a digital platform where many people can work together to build a new world. They created an environment and allowed people to work […]

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