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Portable Power Bank Trends, Type and How its Works

The advanced portable power bank for your laptops and smart phones

The laptop and the smart phone market gets a lot of new options for the users as many companies launch their advanced technology in the power bank and battery technology for the laptops and smart phones. The need for the portable power sources is rising day by day, as the cell phones have become a necessary element and it is difficult to find the charging facility every time as when you are traveling or at a remote place. Thus the stress is on the portable sources that can provide the charging without any need of the charging socket or electric sources. Here are some of the latest trends that are being followed in the path of this technology.

Trends in power bank:

The power bank offers the solution for the battery issue as the smartest phones run out the charging and you cannot charge them every time. Many companies are now in market with their portable power banks or charging hubs with which phones can be charged easily without the any charging port and charger.

How the portable power banks work?

Most of the portable power banks gets integrated into the device case itself and will enhance the battery life to twice or even thrice of the original charging time. The power banks are of different form and have different course of action. Some power banks employ the solar powered energy restoration and charges your phone every time your phone encounters the sun light.

Though the technology is at developing stage but still many convenient options are available in the market .The major class of the portable chargers include:

1. Charger Case

2. USB Plug in charging banks

3. Solar enabled charging cases.

The three technologies are so different from each other and are at a budding stage with wide scope of the massive advancements in the near future


A detailed description of the 3 types of Portable Power Banks:

1. Portable Charging Cases:

portable charging case

portable charging case

This class includes a protective case that actually charges the battery automatically. If the device is charged with the charging case an extra 10000mAh of reserve powers gets added to the phone and can be used when the actual charging of the phone battery gets low. It adds an amazing backup power to the phone that can be used in conditions when there are no options available to charge the battery.


2. USB Plug-in Power Banks:

usb plug in power banks

usb plug in power banks

This is an amazing concept with a pocket sized small unit with USB connectivity option to connect with any device via USB cable. The unit stores the charge and repowers the battery of the device when needed. It is a real time solution of carrying an extra battery while travelling .Though a little device but it has a great capacity to transfer the charge at a very fast rate and thus charges the battery faster than the usual charging process.


3. Solar Chargers:

solar charger for mobile

solar charger for mobile

This technology is preferable as it a complete green technology with the use of the natural resource, the sunlight, the battery gets charged. It can be used for any USB device whether a laptop, tablet, phone and smart phone. It collects the sun light and stores the charge as reserve power source and this stored power can be used when the battery of the device dies off.

The advancements in the portable power bank are at the budding stage and there is a long way to go. Though it has many anomalies today but in the near future it will provide an amazing solution to all our battery issues.


I hope you will like my post related to portable power bank , Post your comments to give me your review about it.

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3 replies

  1. Lumsing Power Bank are nice and compact.

  2. Perfect for my Samsung Galaxy S4! Charges my phone about 2.5 times before the device needs charged. It has a great feel to it as well! Will definitely purchase more from Lumsing Power Bank in the future.

  3. I purchased Lumsing Power Bank to recharge my iPhone while in remote Alaska. I’m using gps apps on the phone so having a back track is pretty important. It functioned as expected. I recommend this item.

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