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Two Major Tips in Web Design

Two Major Tips in Web Design :

For newbies or beginners in web design, there are simple yet crucial points to consider when designing a website. Some of these points come across to your mind when you browsed some websites but you just ignore them. But this time, you need to concentrate again so that you will not give your visitors a headache about your site.

First, it is very important that your site has good, updated content, and with good grammar. These contents can be stories, short posts, pictures, or videos. Visitors come to your site because they expect of something worthy to see or worthy to read. It is the same feeling when you buy something like a book. You buy it because you like the contents. If the contents are not pleasing and interesting, then visitors will not spend a lot of time in your site. They will right away press the “Go Back” button or press the “X” on the upper right side of your site.

In addition to that, a meaningful and successful web design must have updated contents. For several months or years that the contents are there in your site, they will not be interesting at present anymore as they were in the past. Outdated contents are hard to believe in. Even if the contents are factual they need to be rewritten. Especially in research there is a certain year that marks the contents whether outdated or new.

web designing

web designing

Web Tip ( Web Design )

Aside from the contents are updated and interesting, another web tip is that the contents must be written with good or acceptable grammar. Bad grammar can weaken the factuality and reliability of the contents. They might be used as subjects for funny things to be shared with others. For all the efforts and time you’ll spend in writing the contents, it will be very painful to receive harsh comments about the contents of your site just because of grammar.

In order to avoid this, always proofread the articles. You can also buy, download, and install a checker for grammar. By simply pasting the article, grammar will be automatically checked. Some suggestions will be given in order to correct some mistakes or errors. Or you can ask or hire somebody to proofread your articles before posting them on your site.

Second web tip is about visuals. These can be the font style, font size, pictures, videos, or colors. Most visitors love a site that has interesting and pleasant visuals. Good visuals will add excitement to them for them to stay longer in your site. Sometimes reading is boring. Their eyes need to see something that will enliven them.

It is very important to follow the guidelines set by the web host. These guidelines are believed to encourage and please visitors to stay longer in your site. Never go beyond the rules and guidelines in designing your site.  A simple mistake can lose everything. The positive side of these guidelines is to help you, as the owner of the site, to do quality work that will last for a long period of time and encourage many visitors.

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