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What Will Happen When Windows XP Die?

As all of us know that Windows XP is being used from almost past 12 years and it is the first OS which got huge success. Windows XP is the most commonly used operating system till now. It’s highly stable mostly supported OS for softwares, drives and all other computer products. Windows XP has widely supported hardware drivers and softwares. This OS is user friendly and very easy to use.

Windows XP

Windows XP

Now back to the topic, here we are going to explain you about what will happen when Windows XP die.

So first of all, we got shocked when we hear that our most favorite OS Windows XP is going to die but don’t panic it’s not too big issue, it’s just a problem for us and we have to face this issue because finishing Windows XP is necessary as per latest technology needs and we have to tell you that it’s not going to die immediately, only Microsoft has announced to stop giving technical support and free updates and patches for security issues, free updates service got stopped on 8-April-2014 but currently they are still giving paid support to those peoples and organizations who actually needs it for their data security. As per the time, now we all have need to get changed and start adapting latest technology, we should have to upgrade our computers and laptops and other hardware’s for accepting latest OS and other software’s. As it will give us better performance, reliability and security. We need this change because internet is growing fastly and threats also increasing like Identity Theft, hacking etc. which Windows XP can’t handle properly. It has lots of security issues that’s why Microsoft has stopped supporting it. As now free support is over, it has more security and stability issues now.

Windows XP SP3

Windows XP SP3

Impact of Windows XP Death

Government and private sectors have more computers than common peoples which will get effected mainly because as common peoples have no important data in their pc’s but government and private sectors have confidential data in their computers and they are mainly depends on Windows XP because they have some special and important software’s which only support Windows XP and on other OS they are getting crashed. All banks have ATM machines which runs on Windows XP they also will get huge impact of XP death because that all ATM machines will then have to get upgraded and that will need huge amount for it and time also. It is like big headache for them that how to do it fast because ATM machines are in millions of quantity in each country and all should have to get changed or upgraded to new OS, their software’s should also have to get recoded to make latest OS compatible.


For corporate sectors, it’s big issue because they need updates for security but for common peoples it is not a big issue because they never need windows updates, you can run your OS without updates and you will never get any issue. As for the time you can run your PC with Windows XP OS without updates but we recommend you to upgrade your PC to enjoy latest technology which saves time and make doing work easy.



You can still use Windows XP if you want because only support ends but OS still working, you can surf internet or download software’s but if your pc get hacked then you should have to take care of it by yourself, Microsoft will not help you.


I think now you completely understand that what’s happening with Windows XP death and how to deal with it properly.

Thanks for reading, post your comments and views about this article.

Harsh Sharma

Harsh Sharma

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