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The Windows Phone Camera King – Lumia 1020

It’s been a year since Nokia surprised the world with a super camera phone packed 41 megapixel sensor, the Nokia PureView 808.  But it seems that the phone did not take the interest of the people for one reason – PureView 808 comes with the dying Symbian OS. In fact, Nokia announced that 808 would be the last phone running in Symbian OS. Which means people buying smartphones with this operating system might not get software update or rich applications. They have to choose between software support or quality photos. This confusion was put to an end when Nokia announced that it PureView technology would be coming in its windows counterpart. Not later, a series of Lumia flagship phones were released featuring PureView technology. These phones are not that heart captivating since they are not packed with the 41 megapixel sensor, not until the recently announced Nokia Lumia 1020.

A month before it was announced Nokia teases consumers with the words “41 Million Reasons” dated July11, 2013. Rumors and leaked photos and specifications flooded around the web. Consumer’s 2

Now that the super camera phone is released, let us see what’s new on its sleeve and let’s see if these could be a reason to buy Lumia 1020.

nokia lumia 1020

nokia lumia 1020

The 41 MP sensor now with OIS.

Like the PureView 808 it comes with a beastly 41 megapixel sensor with the Carl Zies optics that offers 4x lossless zooming and oversampling features of photos for crispier result. Aside from that, Nokia made some significant improvements which would capture best images. For example it has now optical image stabilization (OIS). This enables to capture images with less blur due to movements.

Back Side Illuminated Sensor (BSI)

Nokia also adopt the modern generation technology called back side illuminated sensor or BSI. Unlike the traditional front side illuminated sensor, BSI allows large amount of light to enter to photosensitive area of the pixel. These means capturing quality images even at low light or darkroom and significantly reduce the amount of visible noise.

Xenon and Led flash combination

Both LED and Xenon flash has its own pros and cons. Nokia’s choice to employ xenon and LED in one phone is a good choice. Xenon flash is best suited in taking pictures in the dark and could give and astonishingly sharp images. But it could easily drain the battery so if you’re saving the life of your phone, then better opts for LED flash. On the other side, LED might be best when capturing videos; in fact, Nokia has set this phone to use LED recording full- HD 1080p videos.

Nokia Pro Camera

                 Nokia has something on its powerhouse! To make consumers feel like professional photographer, 1020 is packed with the Pro Camera Application. This application introduces dual capture. One shot, two photos, one with 5MP resolution intended for MMS and/or online networking and the other with original full resolution for best details. This application allows taking full control of the camera with its manual control that is usually found on SLR such as Exposure value (EV), Shutter Speed, ISO, Focus and white balance.

Camera Grip

                If you have shaky hands, and feels like it’s still hard to take videos or photos with this phone, then worry no more. Nokia has come up with an idea. There’s an accessory called “Camera Grip”. With camera grip, you can rest your shaky hands for this lets you attached the phone on a standard tripod. This is just like a case attached to the phone to make it look like a real camera. Plus it has a built-in battery that lets you take 285 more photos.

The new flagship of Nokia may not have everything costumers wanted like a powerful processor or a huge screen but if you love capturing important moments without bringing extra gadgets, then consider buying Lumia 1020


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